3 Incredible iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Case Options


I just pre-ordered my iPhone 6 Plus and I’m really excited to get it. At the same time I’m not really looking forward to getting a case for it (despite all the false hoopla surrounding bend gate).

The reason why is that I hate to cover up the gorgeous design and engineering that makes the iPhone so great to look at and hold. It seems like a near-tradgedy for a designer like myself.

And yet I know that I need to protect my investment. iPhones aren’t exactly cheap, after all. In fact, they’re nearly as expensive as a MacBook Air when unsubsidized (not partially paid for by your cell phone carrier).

The bottom line is this: I do feel like I should stick a case on my iPhone, so what case adds the least bulk or is most aesthetically pleasing?

I’ve put together a collection of 10 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases for you to check out, but I’ve picked three to get you started here.

Official Apple 6 Cases

I know, how boring right? Well, not exactly. Apple crafted a great phone and they have also designed a couple beautiful cases to go along with it. The official cases come in two varieties: leather and plastic.   Buy

i-Blason Clear Case

Want the beauty of your iPhone to shine through in almost all of ...

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