The iPhone 6 Has A Design Flaw


In general I’m a huge fan of my iPhone 6 Plus. I’m 98% satisfied with it’s design and performance so far. There are a few issues that have bothered me which have mostly been minor (very occasional device resets out of the blue). But there is one nagging issue that flat-out bugs me.

I take a lot of photos with my iPhone. Ever since the “shortcut” became available to use the volume-up button on the side of the phone to snap a photo, it has been my default method. I very rarely take a photo by pushing the on-screen shutter button.

So what’s the problem? Apple placed the power button DIRECTLY opposite of the volume-up button. That means that between 30-50% of the time when I go to take a photo using the volume-up button as the shutter… my phone goes into power-save mode. It falls asleep.

The even bigger problem is that by the time I get the camera app loaded up again, re-aim and hit the shutter button: the moment has passed. Think a smiling baby or a butterfly that just landed and spread it’s wings on a dazzling flower.

It can be downright maddening when it happens two or three times in a row.

I’m fully-aware that the volume-down button also works as a shutter shortcut. That doesn’t help me much, habits ...

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