The Best Looking iPhone 6 Cases Part 1: Incipio NGP


From the moment I knew I’d be buying an iPhone 6 I was thinking about what case I’d want to use. Yes, I hate to cover up such a beautiful work of art, but I’d much rather have a whole work of art than a broken one. Let’s face it: the iPhone 6 is a bit slippery. Using it “naked” is a bit of a gamble.

I’ve seen too many iPhone 6 case roundups that contain mostly horrible-looking cases. Cases I wouldn’t want to be caught dead with. Thick cases. Ugly cases. Apparently, the authors of these rediculous roundups included any iPhone 6 case they could find. There were apparently no standards—at least not any aesthetic standards.

So I set out on a mission: to find the best looking iPhone 6 cases, compare them and pick a winner. And this is the first of what will be a few articles in a series. The first case I tried.

What I’m basically looking for in an iPhone 6 case in order to call it “the best looking” is a case that’s as thin as possible, as transparent as possible and, after the first two criteria have been met, as well-crafted and durable as possible.

I’m not looking for a case that a tank could run over. They are just too ugly. Plus, my iPhone 6 Plus ...

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