I Found It: The Most Useful iPhone App Of All Time


I found an app I’m willing to call the most useful iPhone app of all time. It’s called Drafts. No, I wasn’t paid to write that.

I love Drafts. No, I mean I really, really LOVE it. It’s brilliant. It makes working faster, easier, better… but most of all: faster.

Let me add a breath of clarification: Drafts, on it’s own, is “pretty useful.” But when used in combination with other productivity apps I use on the daily, like Mail, Evernote, Messages, various social networking apps, and anything I type or add text to, it transforms into “the most useful iPhone app of all time.”

Did I already mention how much I love it? I did? Well let me mention it again: I LOVE THIS APP.

One of the biggest reasons I love it is that it makes saving notes to Evernote easier than using the Evernote app itself.

A large portion of my life runs on Evernote. And the Evernote iPhone app is nice, but… I’m always frustrated by how slow it is to enter in a simple bit of information. Even with the Evernote notification center widget in iOS 8, it takes way to long to open the app, select a new note type, give it a title, etc.

Drafts does away with all of that clutter. The app itself loads quick ...

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