How To Free Up Gigs Of Space On Your Mac In Under 30 Seconds


It seems like I’m running out of room on all of my devices lately: my Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. It’s an annoying problem because it prevents me from doing something I want. Installing an app. Taking another photo or video. Even while so much of my data resides in the cloud, I still have a bunch of “stuff” hanging out on my actual devices.

But “freeing up space” is a dreaded, boring task. Who has time? And if your not a super technical person, you might not really now how to free up space in the first place.

Well, if you’re a Mac owner, there’s a really, really simple app that will help you free up gigabytes-worth of space in seconds. No joke. And yes, it’s dead-simple to use, so the non-technical out there will love it.

It’s called, simple, Disk App.

It works like this:

  1. Install.
  2. Open.
  3. Select from 8 areas to free up space:
    1. App Logs
    2. Cache
    3. Large Files
    4. Trash
    5. Browser Data
    6. Mail Downloads
    8. Old iOS
  4. Click the center button

That’s it. When I ran it I was able to free up over 1GB in just a few seconds.

Whether your computer seems to be running a bit slow and you want to make it faster or whether you are just plain out of room and can’t proceed with a task ...

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