If There Were A Dream Keyboard, This Would Be It


I’ve been eyeing a particular keyboard for many months now. I wanted to try this keyboard more than a person should probably want to try any keyboard. It had a killer feature that made me want it which I’ll explain shortly. The keyboard I’m talking about is the Kanex Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac and iOS devices.

So why the Kanex Multi-Sync? Well it’s all in the name: it can sync with up to 3 devices. So, if you’ve got a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone, like me, you can use one keyboard to type on them all. Seamlessly.

There are three buttons up at the top of the keyboard. Once paired, selecting a device to type on is as easy as pushing a button.

The keyboard is nice as keyboards go. The keys have a nice spring to them. The style is very Apple-like while still having a flair of it’s own. It’s also comfortable to use, which is very important. And in case you were worried—setup is a breeze.

You may not believe this, but I plan on using this keyboard primarily to type on my iPhone 6 Plus.

Yes, the new era of DailyTekk may very well be powered predominantly by my iPhone 6 Plus. It’s true. I’ve written a dozen or so articles on the Plus, using an external keyboard, ...

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