Review: The Best Minimal Writing App For Mac—Ever

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Right now I’m stoked to be typing this review in one of my favorite new Mac apps: Typed.

Typed comes from Realmac software, makers of beloved apps such as Clear (for Mac and iPhone), Ember and Rapidweaver. As it stands, I’ve got 3 out of the 4 Mac apps made by Realmac on my Mac right now. Great company.

And Typed lives up to my expectations for something coming from Realmac.

As with all Realmac apps, it’s simple and focused. It’s to the point. It’s stripped down to the essence of what it needs to be without taking away the joy of using it.

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Typed is a minimalist writing program that aims to put as little friction as possible between the writer and the “page” to allow ideas to flow as freely as possible.

There are plenty of entries into this category. iA Writer (and iA Writer Pro), OmmWriter and Hemingway come to mind immediately, but there are others (it’s just early at the moment).

While I like various features from each of these fundamentalist writing experiences (focus mode in Writer, backgrounds and click noises in OmmWriter and the cheapness of Hemingway), Typed has become my go-to writing app for the Mac. It’s not perfect, but it has the best ...

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