The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2015


UPDATE: 2016’s list of the top 100 websites is out now! Check it out.

Every year I release a list of the best, most interesting blogs and websites I have encountered in the previous 365 days that I think other people should know about in the coming 365 days. I’ve done this for 3 years straight—this will be the 4th. As in years past this post was literally 1 year in the making (although it took a mere 2 days to organize and assemble). Real quick: go behind the scenes of DailyTekk on Instagram (@DailyTekk is brand new with totally exclusive pics and videos).

So far this year DailyTekk has rounded up and ranked the 100+ best Instagrammers, the 100 best YouTubers, the 100 best Pinners and the 100 best Vine accounts of 2015

How do I choose which sites make the cut? To be sure, website and blog owners tweet and email me suggestions year round (as do impartial third parties): but the funny thing is, with few exceptions, I only include sites I come across myself organically—making this list a sort of extension of myself. I look for sites that are well designed, unique in some way and, plainly put, addictingThere’s nothing scientific about these lists: they’re merely full of sites I think are interesting or cool for ...

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