The 5 Best Wearable & Action Cameras Available NOW (2015)


If you want to capture the exciting (and everyday) events in your life without having to pull out a camera to do so, you’re in need of a wearable camera. Wearable Cameras allow you to BE in the moment rather than simply document the moment. Action Cams, on the other hand, are a form of wearable camera that are specifically designed to capture… action. Like sports. They are rugged, sometimes water resistant or even waterproof. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and while they all have the same core functionality—capturing photos and videos—they have varying and sometimes quite unique features that set them apart.

I suppose everyone has had a different introduction to wearable and action cams depending on who they follow and pay attention to. One of the first people I really saw using an action cam was Chris Spooner, a UK-based blogger, designer and professional video game player. It’s been fun to peek into his life and see what he’s up to—he does an excellent job of shooting and editing videos using his GoPro setup. Certainly work checking out.

While GoPro is certainly the dominant action cam brand, there are plenty of GoPro alternatives to choose from. I’ve listed a few great ones here. But I will say, if you’re looking for the absolute best action cam on ...

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