Introducing Stack: Task Management Done Right for Programmers and Designers


Programmers know that a lot happens in-between the space of starting a project and finishing it; between done and not done. After that first opening bracket comes progress in the form of sweat, Github, lots of caffeine and very little sunshine.

So even more of a joke to programmers than a VW Bug with a license plate that says FEATURE on it is a task management application that doesn’t take into account any real process (for instance… Asana or Basecamp).

Same goes for designers (and design teams in particular). It’s not just: project started, project finished. After that first sketch out comes Balsamiq, Adobe CC, Sketch 3, a Wacom tablet and plenty revisions.

Sure, coders and designers have varying artistic styles (come on, indenting is an art form), but they all have the same goal: shipping products and hitting deadlines.

Thankfully there’s Stack: task management software for devs and designers (from the people who brought you BugHerd).

Here’s a little overview of how Stack does things differently. Tasks are organized into customizable columns and large tasks can be chopped up into smaller pieces using to-do’s. Communication and collaboration happens seamlessly and in realtime. Team members can have tasks assigned to them, tags make organization easy and of course due dates and priorities bring everything into focus. Essentially, Stack’s workflow is your workflow.

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