Grovemade Maple iPhone 6 Plus Case Review (Updated)


I’m on a mission to find the best looking iPhone 6/6 Plus case. So far I have tested the Incipio NGP, the Griffin Reveal and the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case. Today I’m writing about the Maple iPhone case from Grovemade (which is beyond awesome).

I’ve always wanted to try a wooden iPhone case. There’s something about it that just seems cool. Maybe it’s the interesting contrast between organic and inorganic materials colliding; the best of nature and the best of technology, together. Or maybe it’s the unique factor: I haven’t actually seen another person walking around with a wooden phone case and the grain for each case is different from the rest. Perhaps I just like the look. Actually, I think it’s a little of each.

Prior to trying the Maple iPhone case, I had never used a Grovemade product before (they also make cases and covers for Macs and iPads). While I am aware that there are other makers of wood-based iPhone accessories, Grovemade always seemed like it sold the best quality and most stylish wooden products (based purely on what I saw online)—thus the company was a natural starting place for the category. Once the product arrived, I was instantly impressed.

The looks of the Maple iPhone case are indeed very impressive (I’m sure the walnut accessories are equally so, it’s ...

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