The 4 Best (and Best Looking) External Hard Drives for Macs

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We now live in a world where consumers have so much choice that we no longer need to tolerate ugly design. In more and more cases we can have both form and function in our devices—without needing to compromise in either department. I don’t know about you, but as an Apple user, I’ve simply come to expect it. And that goes for the previously mundane world of external storage.

For most of my life I believed that hard drives were ugly and always would be ugly. Now I believe that that is still mostly the case, but there are some beautiful exceptions. No longer must a person hide their external drives behind their monitor our try to cover them up or, frankly, think of them as necessary clutter. Thanks to a few companies that good aesthetics are a real feature, our Mac’s can finally have a more deserving storage-based desk-mate.

In this roundup I’ve picked out four incredible hard drives that 1.) store your files and 2.) look really, really, really good. You’ll find that the functionality and styles are dramatically different, but the result of buying any of them will be the same: your desk will never be the same (even though you’re storing the same old files you have been keeping track of and preserving for years).

The drives I’ve listed here ...

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