Guys: Ordering Flowers For Your Girl? Try Roses From RoseShire


Whether it’s for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, for a special date or just because, your girl deserves the very best flowers you can get her. And if you’re thinking roses (and how can you go wrong with roses, really?) then you need to check out Roseshire. Especially if you’re looking for the best alternative to 1-800-Flowers, FTP or ProFlowers (at least when it comes to getting roses delivered).

Roseshire offers luxury rose delivery. That’s right, luxury. Don’t skimp. Girls know. And don’t go to Target for flowers—you might as well say, “I love you $7 worth.”

I had the opportunity to try Roseshire’s rose delivery service recently and I was very impressed. You can order anywhere from 1 dozen roses all the way up to 5 dozen roses—wow. I tested out the 2 dozen option.

When the box arrived (very quickly I might add—you can get next day delivery if you order by 10am), I was already impressed before I had ever seen a single rose. The roses arrived in a sleek and sophisticated black box with gold lettering. The box had a few vents on either side to allow air to get to the flowers. And get this: each box is signed (in gold ink) by the person who hand-crafted the arrangement. When the box opens you’ll ...

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