100 Incredible Resources for Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups


Dude. Startups are hard. But they are also fun. And life-changing and depressing and full of risk and reward. For those of us who call ourselves entrepreneurs, we can’t help ourselves. We’re chasing that crazy weekly growth rate. We’re all about that hustle. People think we’re crazy. Sometimes we are. But we’re always looking for a leg up. We’ll take any advantage we can get to help us claw and sweet-talk our way to the top.

And that’s exactly what this post is all about. 100 advantages startup founders can take to the bank. Sometimes—at least to me—it seems like there is way too much advice for entrepreneurs floating around out there in cyberspace. What entrepreneurs really need are resources and tools to help them get out there and build and sell and hack and flourish. So you’ll find no advice on this page… just a kick in the pants and the suggestion that you get out there and get to it.

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General Resources

  1. Startup Stash – A curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup.
  2. Freebie Supply – Awesome free things for entrepreneurs and startups.
  3. Startup{ery – A library of the best resources to help you build

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