Meet Runcible: the First Post-Smartphone Device


Maybe people should be less worried about draining the life out of their smartphone batteries and more concerned about their smartphones draining the life out of them? That’s a notion that Aubrey Anderson, founder and CEO of Monohm, would probably agree with.

How do I know? He thinks that smartphones could stand to be a bit dumber; a bit less connected. Does he hate smartphones? No. But when I asked him what was wrong with today’s de facto smartphone experience, he said, “Connectivity in my smartphone has made it so that I’m effectively always at work if I have my phone with me. Even in silent mode I feel that buzz. It takes my attention away from where I am in the physical world, and like an addict, I find myself making an excuse to go to the bathroom to check it.”

But, unlike most smartphone addicts, Aubrey set out to change the equation by inventing what he considers a post-smartphone device called Runcible.


You can tell just by looking at it that Runcible was designed to be different. But the differences are more than skin-deep. As Aubrey puts it, Runcible is the alternative to the increasingly invasive and commodified smartphone, whose app-centric approach distracts us from our lives instead of helping us live them.

Fair enough. But, I asked, will people really ...

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