Enlight App Review: An Outstanding, Unique Mobile Photo Editing Powerhouse

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Wow. There are a lot of photo editing, filtering and manipulating apps available for iOS. Did we really need another one? Well, ya. Apart from the slightly different filters and editing tools, we really needed one that has an intuitive user interface (UI); something powerful but easy to use. That’s Enlight.

In my view the UI is really what makes Enlight better. Enlightens designers understand that the app is being run on a phone. I can tell because the editing menu can be hidden, shrunk or enlarged. In other words, it’s there when (and how) you need it. I also love the photo drawer across the bottom which makes finding a photo to enhance is very quick and easy. There are no multiple menus/screens to run through first and for generations with an increasingly short attention span speed is a big factor in the equation to determine how popular an app like this can be. Finally, the apps design looks quite good and you can tell a lot of thought went into them; if you look closely some are more purple/blue and some are more green and sub-menu’s are denoted by outlines versus filled-in icons.

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