Why I Skipped The New MacBook and Bought An 11” MacBook Air

MacBook Air 11 Inch

How closely were you paying attention to Apple’s most recent announcement in which it talked about the upcoming Apple Watch and unveiled a brand new laptop: the MacBook? I was one of those people tuning in via their Apple TV. And while I initially tuned in to glean as much new Watch info as I could, I was really, really excited about the new MacBook.

A thinner, lighter Apple laptop with a better screen, new touchpad and keyboard that comes in a few new colors? Sign me up! Or so I thought. I’d been planning on buying a new Apple laptop for several months, so the timing of this announcement was literally perfect; it fell a week or so before I was planning to make an actual purchase.

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But the new MacBook was missing something I wanted—and I’m not talking about ports. It was missing something small that was a big deal to me: an 11-inch model.

About two years ago I saw an 11-inch MacBook Air a friend was carrying around and at that moment all other laptops were ruined for me. Today, my brand new 11-inch MacBook Air arrived via FedEx and here I am a few hours later typing my first article on it. And I LOVE it. It’s amazing. It’s ...

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