LyfeLens: Finally, a Dash Cam to Record Driving Incidents


I once got in a small car accident where someone darted out RIGHT in front of me on a very busy road. It was one of those situations where there wasn’t much time to react. It was one of those situations that left me thinking, “I wish I had that on video.” Chances are you might have found yourself thinking something similar in a near identical situation.

That’s why I was excited to hear about a new company called LyfeLens which makes a dash-mounted camera capable of capturing cold, hard evidence in just these types of circumstances. LyfeLens uses dual-facing, wide-angle cameras to capture crisp 1080p resolution footage that allows for maximum visibility inside and outside a user’s vehicle to easily track and monitor a number of incidents.

Of course there are logistical hurdles to overcome when it comes to recording your drive. If you let the camera run continuously, you’d end up with a bunch of boring (and useless) footage just taking up space. That’s one reason why you can’t just strap your phone to your window and hit record.

LyfeLens solves this issue by storing short, flagged segments of footage. Trigger events tell the camera when to record—or—a user can start recording manually. There’s also plenty of storage: the device ships with 8GB of storage and can be expanded to 128GB. Without upgrading ...

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