The Best White Noise Apps for iPhone and Mac Reviewed

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As I type this article on my brand new 11″ Macbook Air I’ve got some white noise playing in the background. There are days when I just can’t work without it and today is one of them.

People use white noise for all kinds of things. Some people use it to help them fall asleep at night, some people use it to calm fussy babies and some people (like me) use it to block out distractions and be more productive.

For me, white noise helps me work. I’m a writer and concentration plays a key role in what I can get done each day. Sometimes I work to music (although that works better when I am designing, rather than writing), sometimes I work to nothing, sometimes I work with the window open and hear what’s happening outside. I guess it comes down to what I’m working on what what kind of mood I’m in.

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But white noise becomes a lot more interesting when you can control it. I don’t live by the beach but I can work to the sound of waves hitting the shore. I don’t have a campfire lit up in my office, but I can hear it crackle nonetheless. Heck, I can mash the ...

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