Garmin Virb Elite Review: an Affordable, Rugged, Easy-to-Use HD Action Cam

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I’ve been wanting to look into a new action cam for awhile now. I used to own a GoPro and, this time around, I sort of figured I had been there and done that. I wondered what else was out there—was there a GoPro alternative that was any good? My search led me to try out the Garmin Virb Elite action camera.

I think what initially drew me to the Garmin Virb (and subsequently the Virb Elite as the two models look identical save for a different color scheme) was it’s styling. Namely, it had some. Compared to the boxiness of the GoPro it seemed like a nice—although larger—change.

Also unlike a GoPro, the Virb feels like it was made to fit a hand. It’s easy to hold, it’s grippy and in this case, it’s larger size makes a bit of sense.

I also find the color scheme of the Virb Elite compelling for some reason. I guess the black and white and red stand out a bit in a world where most of my gadgets are silver. I mean, I love my Apple products, and the aluminum and glass look works for a refined office feel, but it wouldn’t work for a product made to take into the great outdoors.

Plus, unlike a GoPro, the Virb doesn’t need a case to prevent it from ...

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