How To Take Better iPhone Pictures + The Best Photo Apps

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My iPhone IS my camera. I have a DSLR laying around the house somewhere, but I hardly ever use it anymore. My iPhone is more convenient and the quality improves with every new model. There are even rumors that the iPhone 6s or 7 may be able to take DSLR-like images.

But the iPhone is also many other people’s go-to camera. And mobile phone pics are everywhere these days thanks to Instagram. So how can you stand out from the crowd—how can you make your pictures truly better than other people’s? And what if you just want to take the best iPhone photos you can for your own personal use like to be framed and hung in a prominent position within your house?

There are tons of blog posts and articles telling you how to take better iPhone photos (too many, really) and oftentimes they are way too long. You’re not gonna remember any of what they say when you’re actually about to take a picture. I decided to make things a bit easier on you by putting some tips and suggestions for taking better iPhone pics into a simple list.

There’s some obvious stuff here you might say, “Duh, why didn’t I think about that?!” to mixed in with some pro tips and conventional wisdom along with some iPhone camera setting tweaks and options ...

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