Everything You Need To Know About Meerkat In 1 Simple List


Everyone seems to be talking about Meerkat. What is Meerkat? Are you missing out? Is it even something you should care about in the first place? Whose using Meerkat? More importantly, how do you use Meerkat? What can’t you do on Meerkat? Don’t worry, DailyTekk has you covered. Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to Meerkat:

  1. Meerkat lets people stream live video on Twitter.
  2. Using Meerkat to stream live video is called Meerkating (think tweeting).
  3. Meerkat streams are ephemeral (short-lived)—if you miss a live stream, too bad.
  4. Unless you add the hashtag #katch in which case your video will be saved on YouTube.
  5. Actually, you CAN store your streams locally on your phone. Just not in the cloud.
  6. You can watch random Meerkating via Meerkat Roulette.
  7. Or you can browse for live Meerkat streams on MeerkatStreams.com.
  8. Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Roker are on Meerkat.
  9. Meerkat got really popular, really quick thanks to SXSW.
  10. But before it blew up at SXSW, Meerkat topped the charts on Product Hunt.
  11. Ben Rubin is the CEO and co-founder of Meerkat.
  12. Ben likes to describe what Meerkat facilitates as “spontaneous togetherness.”
  13. It is possible to schedule an upcoming stream.
  14. Meerkat isn’t as ephemeral as it’s livestreams: the service just raised $14 million dollars.
  15. If you’re watching a live Meerkat stream you can restream to

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