This Is The Most Un-Apple-Like Thing About Macs


Apple makes amazing computers packed with amazingly crappy screen savers. I can’t believe it; especially since Apple spends who knows how much money to hire who knows how many designers—led by the design-obsessed Jony Ive—to ensure that machine and interface alike look incredible.

But somewhere amidst the new product launches and upgrades, something Mac users spend a lot of time looking at got placed on the back burner… seemingly left to rot. I’m talking about Apple’s screen savers. Have you noticed how terrible they have become?

Look no further than the Word of the Day screen saver below. Does this look like something from Apple? No. It looks like something straight out of Windows 95.


Okay, that’s the worst Apple screen saver option, but the rest aren’t that much better. I’m a bit disappointed in Apple for pretending that offering 12 different ways to display my own photos as a screen saver counts as 12 different screen saver options. That’s one option with 12 variants. That’s pure fluff.

And iTunes artwork? I’m not even going to bother ripping into that.

Same with Message (Windows 95!).

There are really only 3 “real” screen saver options that I would even consider using: Flurry, Arabesque and Shell. And I’m sick of them. They have been around for years.

I want something new. Something functional. How about a dashboard ...

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