GYMLE Gold Metallic Colored MacBook Air Hard Case Review

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As I type this article on my 11″ MacBook Air (2015), it’s wrapped in GYMLE’s gold-colored metallic hard case. I recently saw a promotion for this MacBook Air case that said something along the lines of, “Turn your MacBook Air gold like the new MacBook.” I thought to myself, “Huh. I’ll see what it’s like.”

A good MacBook case offers two things: protection and looks. Let’s talk about protection first, because that’s probably what matters the most in a case and then we’ll get to the looks.

This GYMLE case WILL protect your MacBook Air from scratches and minor dings. It won’t, however, do much for drops as there is no cushioning to speak of. To be fair, most MacBook Air cases offer a similar amount of protection.

The case feels a bit cheap—cheaper than the asking price of $34.98. To me, it feels like it’s worth more along the lines of $12.98. The reason I say that the moulding around the edges could be a bit more uniform and neater. As it is, the edges aren’t all “sharp”—there are places where they appear a bit pushed in or something. It’s not really a big deal—you’d have to look hard to notice. But, and this is kind of a big but (ha), the soft pads on the bottom of the case aren’t centered in ...

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