How To Get Instagram Famous In 1 Simple List


UPDATE: 2016’s list of the top 100 Instagram accounts has arrived!

Instagram famous. You’ve heard the term. You understood what it meant immediately and you wanted to be it. You wanted thousands—or millions—of people anticipating your next photo wanting to be first to like or comment. You wanted to be so popular and influential that brands would pay you to tastefully promote their products within your feed. You wanted to make a living as a professional social media mogul. You wanted respect and you wanted to be recognized. The problem, though, is that you had no idea how to turn this dream into reality—until now. Ready to grab 15k likes per photo? Here’s everything you need to know to become Instagram famous in 1 simple list:

Before we officially start, the first tip is to get yourself a phone with a great camera — something like a brand new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series. There’s no amount of filtering that can make up for great initial quality.


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  1. Choose an instantly appealing Instagram name.
  2. Write a meaningful bio that would make people want to follow you.
  3. Upload a creative selfie for your profile photo people can get to know you.
  4. Study the best Instagram accounts to see what people like.
  5. Don’t post random

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