Wiper Let’s You Make Secure Calls and Erase Chats from Friend’s Phones


In the world of post-Snowden privacy revelations, consumers have become more attuned to securing their information and communications (to the extent that they can). So it’s no surprise that security-focused chat apps are gaining in popularity. Apps like Wiper (which is available for both iOS and Android).

The feature that really put Wiper on the map—and helped it differentiate itself from the competition—was the ability to erase your Wiper chats from not only your phone, but also your friend’s phone. With Wiper, you are in complete control of your message history; you decide when to erase it.

Wiper also enables you to make secure (encrypted) calls free, anywhere in the world. Rather than using up your minutes, Wiper makes use of your data plan or WiFi so you can talk as much as you want to anyone around the world at no additional cost.

According to Manlio Carrelli, Wiper’s CEO, one of Wiper’s best features is actually the call quality. Carrelli says the app’s sound quality is superb—even in low bandwidth environments. In fact, the Wiper team says they are blown away by “the stickiness” of the great audio quality, claiming that people who experience it are almost guaranteed to continue using Wiper for the long term. Carrelli believes it’s one of the reasons people who use popular alternatives end up switching to Wiper.

“One ...

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