Chosen Let’s You Judge Musical Talent As A Game On Your Phone


If American Idol happened on your phone instead of your TV you’d have something like Chosen, the first video-based, crowd-judged talent competition. This is good news for anyone who thinks of themselves as a snappy judge of talent. But rather than being merely a competition, Chosen acts as an actual game. In Chosen, you don’t merely watch the competition happen—you become an active part of it.

Unlike the traditional TV performance competition experience, fans have the ability to become judges who must prove their star-spotting expertise. In this competition, it’s not just the talent that is competing for recognition; Chosen lets judges make a name for themselves as well. Fans play fast-paced, easy-to-play games where they prove their skills while being introduced to the Chosen talent pool. Whether the user is playing as a Judge, a Performer, or as both, he or she has the ability to earn badges and move their way up the leaderboard in pursuit of points, prizes, and ultimately fame.

The numbers reveal that Chosen is off to a solid start. In the first week since launch, more than 10,000 games have been played within the app. That’s about a game per minute. What makes that metric even more impressive is that Chosen is still in soft launch phase; the app still requires a promo code for access which limits ...

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