Everfest: the Best Way to Find Festivals You’d Want to Attend

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Everfest exists to help you unearth festivals you want to attend. It’s a simple mission, but a goal that isn’t necessarily easy to accomplish. In case you’re wondering what makes a festival a festival rather than a mere event (you’re not alone), Everfest defines it this way: a festival is a celebratory, interactive, inclusive, offline and recurring event.

So what makes Everfest the best way to find festivals you’d personally care about taking part in? Well it helps to have a team that is passionate about their subject matter and “above average at the Internet” (LOL—that’s a direct quote).

The passion has translated into building a platform whose sheer breadth—which spans genre and geography and includes ALL fests—has created a useful community where members can share and discover together. There’s no editorial slant and a focus on just the commercial pieces of festivals is gone too.

Although I wouldn’t have guessed it, Everfest is filling a hole in many people’s hearts. Co-founder Jay Manickam spills the data:

“While most folks will tell you they might go to three or so festivals a year, our data shows that members are expressing interest in going to more than 11 on average. There’s a real disparity there, and we think a lot of that comes from the disparate nature of the festival scene as a whole. We tie


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