10 Mac Apps/Hacks That Will Make You Say WOW


Are you ready to be more productive while making your Mac more secure and a bit cleaner and more organized in the process? We’ve rounded up 10 of the best recently-released Mac apps to help you do just that because, lets face it, there’s no easier hack than simply installing an app.

I’ve been wanting to try a few of these apps for quite a while now and at the top of that list is MacID. The ability to take advantage of my iPhone’s Touch ID sensor to unlock my Mac—password free—is pretty awesome. I’m also intrigued by Laplock; as a person who has taken my Mac to many a coffee shop and, as a by product of drinking the coffee, have had to use the bathroom but resented packing everything I brought up to do so, turning my power cord into an alarm of sorts sounds pretty cool. Finally, I’d like to specifically mention Fetching; I visit a lot of sites every day and frequently wish I could remember one or two that I just can’t find again—problem solved.

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  1. MacID – Unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint by harnessing Touch ID on iOS.
  2. OneTask – The only always-on-top, 1

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