GoButler Is Making Everything You Do And Don’t Want To Do ULTRA Convenient


Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past few years is familiar with Carson, the head butler on Downton Abbey. Carson represents the ultimate in pampering and convenience; he gets things done and deals with hassles so the family he works for doesn’t have to. If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own Carson at your beck and call, I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you.

GoButler is the modern Carson. GoButler takes care of anything you need or want on-demand and hassle-free. You simply make a request by sending a text and GoButler handles it for you. It can order you food, get your groceries, make a dinner reservation, book a flight or make a doctor or dentist appointment for you.

In short, GoButler is helping to usher in a new era of ultra-convenience. But what you won’t find on GoButler’s website is that the company’s foremost objective is to provide every single customer with a “wow experience.” And they seem to be delivering. Navid Hadzaad, a founder, says GoButler’s fulfillment rate is close to 100% and that, after handling over 50,000 requests thus far, he can count the complaints received on one hand.

People who have already tried GoButler use it several times per week. Navid says that this just goes to show that the model is not just a ...

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