Libratone ZIPP: A Colorful, Portable WiFi Speaker (Review)

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My house is full of speakers from brands you’d easily recognize (Bose) and those you wouldn’t (Revo), but one of my new favorites is from a Scandinavian company called Libratone. More specifically, it’s the Libratone ZIPP, a speaker I feel is a good match for designers and creative types and anyone who gets tired of black, unchanged objects in their environment.

While the bright, customizable design is, in my opinion, the Libratone ZIPP’s standout feature, I’m going to start by talking about the sound quality and capability since nobody wants to look at a cool speaker whose sound is ugly.

I’d call the Libratone ZIPP’s sound clear. That might be an overused word when it comes to speaker reviews, but it’s the best fitting in this situation. Acoustic guitar sounds incredible; I seem to be able to hear the minutest detail to the point where a song with multiple musical textures, like Mat Kearney’s Let It Rain, seems to come alive in unexpected ways.

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The bass coming from the Libratone is deep but not boastful. It’s there but it won’t rattle objects on your desk, for instance (in case you were wondering). But I’d call it enjoyable; not overpowering and rich enough to matter. But know that this isn’t a bass beast.

I appreciate the circular ...

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