Review: CARROT Weather Is Supposed To Be Funny—But Is It?

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It seems like there are a million weather apps—doesn’t it? So why would we possibly need another? Well, apparently, we need a weather app that is funny—or at least tries to be funny. That’s what the folks at CARROT believe because they have created a new weather app called CARROT Weather. And they aren’t alone: there are a handful of weather apps trying to be funny including some that cuss and an a weather app from Funny Or Die.

Honestly, I’m plenty happy with my favorite weather app of all-time: Dark Sky. It’s simple, well-designed and as (or more) accurate than other weather apps I’ve tried. But, I fell into the trap of thinking that perhaps a funny weather app could add something to my day by injecting a bit of laughter into my otherwise routine work day.

Unfortunately, CARROT Weather hasn’t made me laugh yet. Here are a number of phrases it has thrown my way trying to get a chuckle out of me:

  • Hey look, I can spot the Dropbox cloud from here!
  • May the force be with you. Unless you like the prequels. Then you can go jump off a bridge.
  • Such clouds. So amaze.
  • I thought I spotted the sun through the clouds, but that was just he meteor that’s going to end all life on earth in

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