MyPrivacy from Review: A Bad Service That Wouldn’t Let Me Cancel

A service that offers to help keep your personal information more private sounds like a very good idea, but in the case of MyPrivacy from it turns out to be a very bad idea.

MyPrivacy from (a service offered through AOL’s Lifestore and fulfilled by claims to:

  • stop up to 80% of junk mail from ever reaching your mailbox
  • wipe your salary, address & phone from websites
  • help protect your personal life from marketers, scammers & thieves.

In practice, I found the MyPrivacy from service sold through AOL’s Lifestore to be a feeble (and misleading)—service. I was extremely dissatisfied with the product’s results which I felt in no way lived up to expectations set by the sales copy. Needless to say I decided to cancel my account. But bigger than the story of a service that, in my opinion, overcharges and underperforms, is this: MyPrivacy from wouldn’t let me cancel my account. I’m genuinely worried that a department within AOL might be running an outright scam. Here’s why.

I tried to cancel on March 30—a call that lasted 17 minutes. First, I was told that accounts couldn’t be closed by calling this number and that I’d have to log into my AOL account. But after some wrangling and sharing all of the necessary account info, I was told it ...

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