This App Sends Postcards To Offline Loved Ones—And Could Positively Change Your Life

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It’s about time someone reinvented the humble postcard, because getting a postcard is one of life’s really fun things. Unfortunately, sending postcards sucks. They aren’t personal, they often sport terrible designs and it’s a pain finding a place to mail them.

Tandem Lane is social media for those not on social media. It’s a brilliant concept that merges the physical realm with the digital in the form of using an app to seamlessly create and send “real” postcards (I put real in quotes there because there are numerous apps that send “fake” digital postcards). Actually, app or not, I’d say this is the best, most creative way to send a postcard—period.

I asked Chris Lund, Tandem Lane’s co-founder, what makes the app so special. I like his answer:

Using our app you can create a beautiful, physical postcard from anywhere in the world and send it to somebody you love—in less than a minute. Whether you’re traveling in a foreign country and want to share your amazing pictures with family back home or you’re waiting for your bus and want to send a quick hello to your grandma who hasn’t quite perfected the art of email, our app makes it incredibly easy to send a surprise in the mail. It’s cheaper than buying a postcard and stamp and trying to find a post office, and


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