Audvisor Makes Becoming A Better, More Successful Person A Cinch

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Life these days is hectic and that makes learning new things pretty tough. And getting access to the world’s smartest people—and the knowledge and advice they can share—is even tougher. What if there was an app that solved both of these problems simultaneously; and app that broke learning into small chunks that you could easily fit into your schedule? What if that app gave you access to supremely knowledgable people; experts in topics ranging from the realm of personal wellbeing to business success? That app exists. It’s called Audvisor—and it’s awesome.

The basic premise behind Audvisor is this: get access to thousands of insights from hundreds of experts, all in under 3 minutes. The app itself is sleek and that’s important: there are a lot of audio-related apps that have crappy interfaces and it makes them unusable. Audvisor is the opposite: it’s simple, straightforward and usable. That’s a good thing because given it’s premise (quick access to useful audio tidbits) because it has to be dead simple to deliver on what it promises, which it does brilliantly.

The app has a Tinder-style interface (like so many apps these days, but that’s not a bad thing) where you can swipe cards left and right. There’s a menu button in the bottom right (which is great because it’s closer to the thumbs than a menu ...

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