The 7 Best Ultra-Thin Laptops You Can Buy NOW (2015)


I really, really love my 11-inch MacBook Air. I love it so much I had to find a way to work a mention of it into this article about laptops that are even thinner and lighter than it (mission accomplished); especially it’s brother, the new MacBook (I actually bought my Air AFTER the new MacBook was announced). The new MacBook is the gold standard of thin, capable laptops (literally, it comes in a gold color)—sometimes referred to as ultra thin’s. Apple’s recent motto has been thinner is better and the competition has begun to take note, as you will see.

The Apple MacBook actually isn’t THE thinnest ultra slim notebook on the market, but it’s THE device that is moving the laptop industry forward. So whether you are looking for a MacBook alternative, just want to see what else is out there, want to see what the top of the line PC makers have to offer in the way of thin or want a machine that is thin AND and as budget-friendly as possible, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

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Apple MacBook


The new Apple MacBook ($1,299 on Amazon) is THE epitome of thin, light and beautiful wrapped into one package. Despite it’s thinness (13.1mm), the MacBook features a full-size ...

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