Halo: Spartan Strike Review—Halo Comes To iOS


I’ve been a fan of the Halo series ever since the original game came out. That was back when I was in college and many a class was skipped for a good Halo session. As life progressed and I had less and less time to play video games, I weaned myself away from what I consider to be the best, most fun video game ever made. Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 was the last version of Halo I played until Halo: Spartan Strike came out for iOS. So there’s a bit of background for you.

When I saw a Halo game featured in the App Store I was immediately intrigued. I had to try it out. Oh, this game costs $5.99? Isn’t that a bit steep for an iOS game? Didn’t matter: this was Halo. I hit download.

What I found was a game that surprised me in a couple of ways. It was Halo, but it wasn’t. In an unexpected way, I came to respect it as a fun, adequately-deep and fantastically-designed game—though it was far different from the Halo experience I had fond memories of and was missing some of my favorite elements.

Halo: Spartan Strike was not the iOS version of Halo I was hoping for. To be honest, I had hoped for a FPS version of the game rather ...

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