The 7 Best Smartwatches You Can Buy NOW (2015)

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The way that smartwatches (and wearable tech in general) are hitting the mainstream this year is very exciting. Smartphones have just become our phones and people are looking for a new, exciting gadget to obsess over. But smartwatches represent more than just a fad or a new category or must-have device; they have the potential to revolutionize how we consume content from emails, to texts to other notifications. They also hold the promise of making us healthier and more active (or at least better understanding our habits).

Personally, there are only two smartwatches I would ever consider buying (at this point, at least): the king of all smartwatches, the Apple Watch, and the Pebble Time (in that order). The Apple Watch is going to make me less dependent on pulling out my iPhone a million times a day—and I like that a lot. But you might be a different story. Perhaps you are looking for the best Apple Watch alternatives (or just want to see how it stacks up against the competition) or want something that fits your budget or personality or style in a way that the Apple Watch or Pebble Time do not. Whatever the case may be, these are the best smartwatches currently available.

Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is synonymous with smartwatch. It wasn’t the first smartwatch on the planet, but ...

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