GIF Obsessed: The 40 Best/Coolest GIF Apps, Extensions And “Things”

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Let’s face it; you love GIFs. Who doesn’t? They make you laugh hysterically and there’s a GIF for every occasion. If you need to gloat: GIF it. If you need to apologize: GIF that. If you need to express your disapproval: GIF to the GIF GIF. But where do you find the best GIF making apps? And what’s the best way to turn a YouTube clip into a GIF? Well fear not GIF lover—DailyTekk has got your back. We’ve selected 40 of our favorite GIF making and consuming apps, extensions, services and… things we’re not sure how to classify that have to do with GIFs in some sort of way. You’re welcome.

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  1. Giphy – Search animated GIFs on the web.
  2. Camoji – Simple GIF keyboard.
  3. Kanvas Keyboard – My favorite GIF keyboard.
  4. Hulu Perfect GIF – A GIF generator from Hulu.
  5. Rif – The best reaction GIFs.
  6. Gfycat – Jiffier GIFs.
  7. Fleksy – A fast, customizable keyboard with built-in GIFs.
  8. Blippy – Make your own GIF keyboard.
  9. Legend – Animate text in video/GIF.
  10. Trio – Make mashup videos from the world of pop culture.
  11. Giphy TV – Watch animated GIFs in fullscreen…
  12. And then I was like… – Express yourself in GIFs using your webcam.
  13. Serious – Find and collect animated GIFs.

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