The 5 Best Spotify Connect Speakers You Can Buy NOW (2015)


Forget TidalSpotify is my favorite music service/app. We’ll see what the Beats app ends up looking like over the next few years now that Apple has brought the company into the fold, but for now I’m all about Spotify. It’s where all my playlists live, the radio is awesome (sorry Pandora, but yes it’s better than you) and the design is spot-on. And it’s even better on great speakers.

That’s why a good part of my Spotify obsession is driven by Spotify Connect. Spotify Connect is like a better, faster and more reliable AirPlay alternative that works right out of the Spotify app (with select speakers, some of which I’ve listed here below). With AirPlay, you’ve got to run all sound coming from your device through another output (be it a TV, speaker or what have you). With Spotify Connect you only run your music to an outside source. And though I’ve just mentioned it, it’s definitely worth mentioning again—Spotify Connect is fast and very reliable.

Of course, if you don’t have a Spotify Connect speaker, you can always pick up a Gramafon which will make your old speaker Spotify Connect compatible.

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