Rithm Is The Best Way To Share (And Discover) Music With Friends


Sharing and discovering music is a big part of friendship. It’s a big part of life. That’s why Rithm exists as a better way to share and play music with your friends. “There’s a social experience of music that today’s other music services don’t deliver—it comes from sharing and talking about songs and listening to songs together. Rithm’s music experience is different because of the power of messaging: we provide a catalogue of millions of songs for you to easily share with friends and a chat experience that makes music sharing easier and more fun than emailing or texting song links,” says Jesse Dallal, Rithm’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

One of the most popular features on Rithm is the dancing emojis; animated characters doing funny dances that users can send to friends on Rithm to express a mood or reaction to a song. “From Day 1, we thought these had potential to delight users and make our product unique, but even we were surprised to see over 5 million dancing emojis shared during our beta period,” Jesse says. “This is great signal for us that people want a fun, social and expressive element in their music experience.”

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But Rithm isn’t just useful; it’s fun to use.

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