Surprise! Amazon Prime’s Dirty Little Secret

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Free 2-day shipping. It’s the basis of what makes Amazon Prime worthwhile and awesome. 2 days isn’t all that long to wait for an item; it’s short enough that I often order an item on Amazon instead of heading to Target or another store if I don’t absolutely need it today.

But yesterday Amazon threw me for a loop. I had been waiting for a Prime package to arrive for more than 2 days. I was a bit perturbed so I took to Amazon’s help page and began a chat with a rep whose name was Reinalyn.

When I asked what had happened, Reinalyn responded:

“Please do know that Prime shipping means 2 business days once the order shipped not two days after placing the order.”

Whoa… wait, what?! Amazon Prime’s free 2-day shipping only applies once an order has shipped. So Prime’s 2-day shipping does NOT mean you will actually get an item 2 days after placing the order. Not necessarily, anyways. There’s a BIG difference there.

And the biggest problem I have with this is that Amazon advertises Prime 2-day shipping as if it means you will get whatever you order 2 days after the order is placed—Amazon doesn’t go out of it’s way to make any sort of distinction, as you can see in the follow recent Amazon Prime ad:...

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