This App Pulls HD Photos Out Of Your Videos With A Tap

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While the iPhone does technically make it possible to take photos while taking a video, it’s tough to pull of well in the real world. That’s mostly because it’s kind of hard to concentrate on two things at once. If you’re taking a good video, you probably can’t take a really great photo at the same time (and vice versa). Other times, you just don’t think about it; you capture a moment with a video and regret not having taken some stills later on. In any case, there’s a new app to help you have your cake (videos) and eat it to (by extracting photos from said videos). Taplet lets you easily pull HD photos from your videos. 

Aside from the reasons I’ve already listed above, Dustin Pourbaba, Taplet’s founder and CEO, gives another good reason why you might want to use Taplet: timing. “Taplet makes it easier to take better photos. It’s impossible to time a perfect picture because you never know what’s about to happen,” he says. “With Taplet, users can record or upload a video instead, which ensures they end up capturing the whole experience. They then are able to pull out their favorite shots from the footage using our powerful imaging technology. The app supports any video from any device and uses an insanely intuitive interface to help you take magical ...

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