JetMe Let’s You Name Your Price To Book A Private Jet

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There isn’t anything like flying in a private jet. And the keyword there is private. There are no crying babies (unless you brought one with you), no passengers with coughs or colds (again, unless you brought one with you) and no cramped quarters. It’s luxury in the skies. Have you ever wanted to fly in a private jet? Do you already fly private aircraft, but wish you could name your own price? Well let me introduce you to JetMe, a service that does exactly that. Normally when you book passage on a private jet, you must pay a set price.

JetMe’s competitors, which include BlackJet, JetSmarter, PrivateFly, Fly Victor, etc., all operate on a membership model. The paradox is that the profitability of membership-based private jet companies is counter-beneficial to clients who fly less frequently. JetMe changes the game by offering a transparent pay-2-play model for business travellers worldwide (although JetMe’s main focus is on the U.S. with 49% of the market). With JetMe there are no membership fees—clients simply choose the price they are willing to pay for a private jet flight.

Dmitry Romanyukha, JetMe’s co-founder and CEO, explains how it all works:

“We apply our Orders Success Potential (OSP) algorithm to calculate the best price for our clients. On the backend, JetMe Aero is pulling aircraft inventory from brokers, private jet owners


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