The First Wave Of Internet Communication Apps Is Ending—What’s Next?

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There are so many chat apps it’s breaking my brain to try to think of them all. We’ve covered several here—recently—on DailyTekk. So why, oh why, would we be covering yet another one? Well, that’s sort of an unfair question, but since you wondered: DailyTekk loves tech and startups that actually help people live better lives and this app is different in that the team that built it views themselves as helping to usher in an entirely new phase of communication apps. So all the other chat apps out there? They’re on a lower plane of existence—or something like that.

Wire is a modern communication app developed for mobile, tablet, and desktop where text, talk, pictures, video and music are woven together seamlessly. Ya, I know—when you just read about it’s hard to picture it being any different than any other app—but seeing is believing. If there’s one thing that really sets this app apart from others it’s an appealing, gorgeous, alluring design.

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Jonathan Christensen, CEO of Wire, explains what sets the app apart in his mind:

“At Wire we believe we are nearing the end of the first Wave of internet communications applications. The first wave was functional and characterized by “free” – free calls, free texting. The next


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