The Instagram Killer? This Photo Social Network Is So Good It Makes Me Giddy

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I love photography—especially mobile photography. I love to take amazing photos on my iPhone and I also love to see incredible photos taken by other people. It’s basically what makes Instagram so appealing. But aside from Instagram, there are some other interesting photo social networks popping up and making a splash. One in particular that has me pretty excited is called EyeEm. What makes it different? EyeEm is a photo community and marketplace, allowing interested smartphone photographers to connect with others, share their work and even get paid for their photography.

With the success of Instagram, why exactly was EyeEm built? Markus Spiering, Chief Product Officer, explains, “EyeEm focuses on giving users something beyond just a like for their photos.” That’s more than just a shot at Instagram. It’s a statement that matters to people like me who really enjoy taking smartphone photos. He continues, “The EyeEm community get their photos discovered through our partnerships with publications like The Huffington Post, or even get their photos sold through EyeEm’s own market or it’s work with Getty Images.”

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Did you catch that? Your photos can go on to be a part of something big. And you can get paid for it. It feels a bit like ...

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