Wow—This App Literally Changes The Way You View Photos From Friends


What if you could time-lapse your friend’s day and watch it on your new Apple Watch (or on your iPhone)? That’s sort of the idea behind a new app called Rewind which allows you to feel like you are uber-connected to people in your life (via photos); almost as if you’re actually experiencing their day (or at least as close as you can come to doing so).

Right now, people are sort of trained to post one photo to the social network of their choice and wait for people to react. I think this has come to mean that people share their “best” photos only, rather than their “real” or “normal” photos—or, if they use Snapchat—they do share some of their “real” or “normal” photos but then everything is fragmented. Some live in Facebook, some in Instagram and some in Snapchat—and that’s if you are quite the socialite.

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And that’s exactly what I like about Rewind: it’s sort of like watching a movie of someone’s life frame by frame. It’s bringing people along for the ride without having to “look your best.” Since pics on Rewind last for 24 hours you can just be you and do what you do and let ...

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