Frank & Oak Review: Guys It’s True! There Is A Remarkably Easy Way To Look Good


Today I’ve got a new favorite clothing brand: Frank & Oak. This statement is not a paid endorsement; rather, it’s the natural outflowing of an experience. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been testing out some clothes (supplied to me for such purposed by Frank & Oak) and I’ve come away a believer.

Let me start with GAP. Over the years I’ve been a steady GAP fan (and GAP’s sister company, Banana Republic). GAP style has, until recently, been consistently, classically agreeable. But lately, GAP has veered away into the ghastly and a bit awful; it’s less consistent, less classic and less agreeable. Put frankly, the GAP is having an identity crisis. I used to be able to throw on some GAP and feel good about it—be done with it. But now I’m finding that I’m just done with it; GAP that is.

And into the void (or gap, if you will) left in my wardrobe needs arose a new champion of male fashion—a whole new fashion experience, really. One that is living up to it’s glorious goal of making it remarkably easy to look good.

And that is why I was destined to eventually meet up with Frank & Oak. How could I not? I want to look good and I want it to be easy—neigh—remarkably easy. Ya, that sounds about right....

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