Asus Brazenly Steals Apple Watch Styling With ZenWatch 2

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Asus has a new version of their smartwatch out now and it is trying very hard to be the Apple Watch (at least on the outside). Here’s Oliver Haslam writing for Redmond Pie on the similarities:

The first similarities are the sizing and color options that the ZenWatch 2 is available in. The first Android Wear watch to come in two different sizes, the new Asus offering is available in 45mm and 49mm guises, both of which are larger than what Apple offers for its own watch – 38mm and 42mm. Both sizes are available in three different colors as well, with silver, gunmetal and rose gold options bearing more than a similarity with the color options available to prospective Apple Watch buyers. Asus can call it gunmetal all it wants, but it’s essentially Space Gray – or Space Black, depending on how you look at it.

The similarities don’t stop there either. The new ZenWatch 2 comes with a Digital Crown of sorts, though despite bold claims during its announcement it appears the crown is nothing more than a glorified power button. A nice power button we must admit, but it’s far from the new interaction model that Apple brought to the table with the Apple Watch.

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This is so dumb of Asus for a number of reasons, ...

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