Banjo Lets You Know When Something Interesting Happens Anywhere In Realtime


In the movie Minority Report, technology is able to predict events before they happen. That’s still impossible today, but a company called Banjo is now able to know about any major newsworthy event as it happens. Put simply, if something “out of the ordinary” (newsworthy, in other words) is happening anywhere in the civilized world, Banjo knows about it—and makes sense out of it—before anyone else. It’s realtime social media analysis on steroids—on steroids. It’s a “crystal ball” that, put into more technical terms, captures and organizes the world’s disparate data streams and it’s geared toward helping companies understand what’s happening anywhere in the world—instantly.

Get this: Banjo has organized the world into a grid of 35 billion football field-sized squares. By capturing and analyzing all social and digital signals over time from each square, Banjo knows what constitutes “normal” for every part of the world. When that normal is disrupted—whether with an abnormal volume of posts, abnormal content (such as an image of a fire), or both—Banjo immediately knows.

Banjo CMO Stacey Epstein explains:

Banjo is providing an unmatched level of insight into global events and trends, both in real-time and historically. We’re doing this better than anyone else because we’re not just aggregating social posts or searching by keywords — we’re using sophisticated, built-from-scratch image recognition, geo-location and text analysis


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